Baggage that cannot be checked as hand baggage or checked baggage is classified as special baggage.

If the checked baggage allowance is exceeded and/ or if it cannot be separated, it is classified as checked oversized baggage.
traveling with pets
  • The passenger is obliged to notify the carrier of the planned travel with the pet when booking or redeeming the ticket. Otherwise, the carrier reserves the right to refuse transportation of the pet.
  • Only dogs and cats can be carried on the ferry.
  • Each passenger who has reached the age of 18 can carry no more than 2 pets.
  • Transportation of a pet is carried in a hard carrier in the luggage compartment, transportation of a pet in a cabin with passengers is prohibited.
  • Food and toilet for the pet is provided by the passenger himself/herself for the whole journey.
  • When boarding the ferry it is necessary to fill in or present a pre-filled agreement on transportation of pets.
The customs regulations of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Korea are different. For more complete and accurate information

- for customs regulations of the Russian Federation, please use the website:
- For customs regulations of the Republic of Korea:
Customs regulations for crossing the border of the Russian Federation
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Customs regulations for crossing the border of the Republic of Korea
When should I fill out the customs declaration form?
On the way, the crew will give you a customs declaration form (blue), which you will need to fill out.

Filing a customs declaration
Save the completed form. You can check it in after receiving your luggage.

Not subject to customs duties
The duty-free import limit for goods for personal use is $800 (US) per person. The exception is certain goods prohibited for import and export from the country; selected duty-free goods; agricultural and forestry products, as well as products of animal origin (raw materials for the production of medicines). $800 does not include goods not subject to customs duty: alcohol worth up to $400 (USA) in the amount of 2 bottles, 1 block of tobacco products, perfume up to 60 ml! I purchased the perfume and checked that its volume is 55 ml, and it falls under the list of goods not subject to customs duty.

Example of duty-free goods:
  • 2 bottles of alcohol (total volume not exceeding 2 liters, value not exceeding $400 (US))
  • 1 carton of cigarettes (200 pcs.)
  • Perfume - 60 ml
  • Other goods that are re-imported into the country after obtaining permission from the customs representative when leaving the country.
Duty free importation of agricultural, forestry and animal products:
  • Sesame oil, sesame seeds, honey, fern, codonopsis lancetolist - 5 kg
  • Beef - 10 kg
  • Ginseng (fresh ginseng, dried ginseng, red ginseng), mushroom (Meshimakobu) - 300g
  • Pine nut - 1 kg, deer antlers - 150 g
  • Medicinal herbs - 3 kg

Note* The total weight of imported goods per person - up to 40 kg, the value of goods purchased abroad should not exceed 100,000 dollars (US), all goods must pass quarantine inspection. (The limit of medicinal herbs per person is 10 items). If the quantity or weight of a unit of goods exceeds the import norms, the whole goods are subject to customs duty.

Goods prohibited for import and export (not allowed to pass customs inspection):
  • Items such as books, photographs, videotape, photographic film, LDs, CDs, CD-ROMs, etc., which violate the Constitution, public safety and moral standards
  • Counterfeit and forged bills, banknotes, bonds and other securities
  • Documents disclosing state secrets
  • Drugs, psychotropic substances, etc.
  • Endangered animals and plants protected by international agreements on environmental protection